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White on Blue Egg Vessel

"White on Blue" Egg Vessel Medium 32cm x 26cm x 34cm Photography P. Seweryn 2022

White on blue Egg Vessel

"White on Blue" Egg Vessel Small 24cm x 17cm x 17cm

White on Blue Egg Vessel

"White on Blue" Egg Vessel Extra Extra Small 18cm x 12cm x 12 cm

White on Blue Egg Vessel

"White on Blue" Egg Vessel Large: 47cm x 34cm x 34cm

White on Blue Egg Vessels Collection

"White on Blue" Egg Vessels Collection Large to Small

White on Blue

The idea of the"Egg Vessels” was to create a “Conversation piece” with an interactive aspect. Designed with simplicity in mind from porcelain and inspired by the timeless “egg” shape. 

In “Egg Vessels” each set has a story to its designed decoration: 

"White on Blue" is inspired by traditional “blue on white” porcelain painting, well known in the history of ceramics art. The use of reverse white-on-blue decoration is playing with the concept of traditional decoration on porcelain and its heritage.

I used expressive brush strokes that can be found for example in Cy-Twombly paintings.
White strokes on the cobalt surface are complemented by a traditional yet contemporary gold finish.

“Egg Vessels” are made in four different sizes and consist of ten various collections. Each collection has a story and it is hand-painted in gold.

Collections were completed in the period between 2018-2020

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