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LuForm Meets RECIPROCITY 2018-2019 photo: Ludwig Forum Aachen

photo: Ludwig Forum Aachen

LuForm Meets RECIPROCITY 2018-2019

Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst Aachen Germany 2018/2019 photo: Ludwig Forum Aachen

Summer Tate Staff Show Crypt Gallery London UK 2016

Crypt Gallery London UK 2016



Is a mixed media work that combines two pieces “Broken”and “Baby Arms”. Photography presenting ceramic jewellery pieces are questioning gender roles and double standards in the contemporary western societies. What is masculine? What is feminine? What makes you a man? What makes you a woman? What will you wear to make you feel more like a man? What will you wear to make you feel more like a woman? What is a meaning of gender now? What describes you as man? What describes you as woman? How do You feel wearing red lipstick and presumably female jewellery as a man or a woman….? Is it really feminine jewellery, you wearing? What makes you to be you? Have our gender roles switched already?


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