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Bronze sculpture 62cm x 40cm x 27cm Photography P. Seweryn


SKIN/the body

“Skin/the body” comments on trends rapidly shifting because of the extremely politicized female body and how it is being abused by different governments, media, institutions, social media, and of recent maximized intervention of AI.

In the wake of many movements over the years and loud campaigns, we don't have enough and will never have enough of using the female body as a statement for various topics from birthing bodies, and aging bodies to modeled bodies by social media and AI filters.


“Skin/the body” is not supporting any political views or movements and it is free from direct support of any current tendencies as they shift from year to year, becoming more radical and far away from human nature.

It is a manifesto of being in silence surrounded by material-based art's beauty. Free from ongoing political propaganda of the OVER politicized female body.

Viewers are free, to draw their own conclusions and stay true to their beliefs that art provides in the exhibition space.

The piece was created between 2020-2022.

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