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"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessel

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessel Large: 47cm x 34cm x 34cm

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessel

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessel Medium: 34cm x 26cm x 26cm

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessel

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessel Small: 24cm x 17cm x 17cm

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessels
"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessels

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessels Collection 2019-2020

"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessels Cheongju Craft Biennale Craft Competition Honorable Mention South Korea

Cheongju Craft Biennale 2021 South Korea

Ferrari Red

The idea of the"Egg Vessels” was to create a “Conversation piece” with an interactive aspect. They were designed with simplicity in mind, inspired by the timeless “egg” shape. 

In “Egg Vessels” each set has a story to its designed decoration: 

“Ferrari Red” is inspired by expressive brushstrokes of abstract expressionism and the history of the ́automobile.


Each Vessel is divided into two separate pieces and allowing

”mobile decoration”: changing the decor by turning the object's bottom or top part.

Egg Vessels are” Art pieces with an use”: the object can be disassembled into a bowl or container.
“Egg Vessels” are made in four sizes and consist of various collections. Each collection has a story and it is hand-painted in gold.

Collections were completed in the period  2019-2020

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