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Bronze cast, handmade 24cm x 16cm x 8cm


“Ovarian” is a new work in bronze that is finding its roots in my earlier works: "Mine is Bigger than yours”.

By taking the female organ out of the body I transform something full of veins and muscles and present it as a beautiful object. At the same time, I question the contemporary model of a woman being always beautiful... always young... which is shown in many societies. This perversity strengthens her role as a woman.

The small-scale sculpture is the interpretation of the female reproductive system, in which 7 up to 14 pieces are displayed together in installation composition. I decided to create a new collection of pieces in bronze to add the value of longevity that bronze material provides.

Traditional bronze casting was always an inspiration and something I have always wanted to work with.

“Ovarian” is my comment about contemporary trends rapidly shifting because of the highly politicized female body.

“Ovarian” is not supporting any political views. Free from ongoing political propaganda of the OVER politicized woman body.

Viewers are free, to draw their own conclusions and stay true to their beliefs while interpreting the work in the exhibition space.

The collection is being created since 2020 and is ongoing.

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