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Black Birds (Gangsta Bird)

"Black Bird/ Gangsta Magpie" Egg Vessels

Gold Birds (Magpie)

"Gold Bird/Magpie" Egg Vessels

White Birds

"White Bird/Magpie" Egg Vessels

The Birds

The idea of the"Egg Vessels” was to create a “Conversation piece” with an interactive aspect. They were designed with simplicity in mind, inspired by the timeless “egg” shape. 
Porcelain pieces are hand painted in carat gold. The design of the vessels is inspired by a simple "egg-like" shape which is a symbol of eternal life in Christian culture.  Egg Vessel is divided into 2 separate objects and is creating"mobile decoration”. The symbol of the magpie bird which is a bird of joy and a good omen in connection with the symbolism of the Chinese afterlife and is inspired by the proverb: “Art comes from life but it is greater than life.”

Collections were completed in the period  2018-2021

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