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I am proud to announce that my pieces were selected for Faenza Triennale 2023. The exhibition will take place at the International Museum of Ceramics from July 01st until 29th of October.

The Jury was composed of MIC Faenza director Claudia Casali, Judith Schwartz, professor emeritus of NY University, Ranti Tjan, director of the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts, Tomohiro Daicho, senior curator of MOMAK in Kyoto, Irene Biolchini, guest curator of MIC Faenza selected 70 works from 1101 submissions by 723 artists (or groups), amounting to 570 in the over-35 category and 153 in the under-35 category. 60 nations participated.

“It was a very challenging work,” commented Director Casali, “which involved the Jury in several stages of comparison. We evaluated the works in relation to the contemporary nature of the proposal, to a current vision of sculpture and ceramic installation through 70 international proposals. It will be a really interesting exhibition from many points of view, poetic, technical, artistic.”

International Contemporary Porcelain Art Exhibition

30.06.2023- 30.08.2023 "More Art & Art More" Xiamen China

China's ceramic development history is long. The boldness of the Qin and Han dynasties, the magnificence of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the elegance of the Song dynasty, and the delicacy of the Ming and Qing dynasties all glittered with the brilliance of their own times in their respective historical stages.

In the ceramic industry of China, there have always been three major porcelain capitals: Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, Liling in Hunan, and Dehua in Fujian. The porcelain produced in these three places has charm, integrates practical, ornamental, and collection value, and is famous at home and abroad."

Two collections of my authorship: "Ferrari Red Egg Vessels" and "The Wave Collection" are on display together with 58 works from 23 artists from 18 countries.

The International Contemporary Art Porcelain Exhibition is brought to light together with Tao Xichuan Art Center · Jingdezhen International Studio and Dehua Ceramic Artist Cooperation, bringing together 23 artists from 18 countries, a total of 58 pieces of contemporary ceramic works.

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