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“Ø Wave” porcelain sets have been designed and created with the main idea of creating only the projects which are not contributing to the waste culture. I do it by using porcelain, a material that is sustainable, reusable, easy to maintain, and recycle.
Ø Wave is created in 14 color variations.
Largest one flower vase and scaled down to the tiny cup.
The aesthetic of “Ø Wave” is combined simplicity with a modern twist it is beautiful and contemporary.
Used as decoration objects as well as finding a use for displaying floral arrangements or drinking espresso from smallest porcelain objects. Experience design where item falls between your fingers and allows you to drink for one of the specially designed tubs in the same time not burning Your hands while consuming warm liquid and solution for people who like to play with their hands :)

Coral Silver Ø Wave Collection

  • Sizes: XXS Tiny Cup 4cm x 8,5cm x 5cm XS Extra Small Cup: 7cm x 6cm x 8cm S Small Tumbler 10cm x 6,5cm x 8cm L Medium Vase/ Tumbler 14,5cm x 6,5cm x 9cm XL Big Vase 20,5cm x 7cm x 8,5cm "Mix and match"

  • This item ships from Poland. Contact us directly through contact icon to place order manually.

    Examples of pricing by Polish post:

    within Poland ca 160 nok

    from Poland Internationally signed for ca 460 nok

    from Poland internationally standard ca 260 nok

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