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Milky Way

"Milky Way" Egg Vessels

White on blue

"White on blue" Egg Vessels


"Infinity" Egg Vessels

Black Birds (Gangsta Bird)

"Black Bird/ Gangsta Magpie" Egg Vessels

Gold Birds (Magpie)

"Gold Bird/Magpie" Egg Vessels

White Birds

"White Bird/Magpie" Egg Vessels


"White on Blue" is inspired by traditional “blue on white” porcelain painting, well known in the history of ceramics art. The use of reverse white-on-blue decoration is playing with the concept of traditional decoration on porcelain and its heritage.

I used expressive brush strokes that can be found for example in Cy-Twombly paintings.

White strokes on the cobalt surface are complemented by a traditional yet contemporary gold finish.


Porcelain pieces are hand painted in carat gold. The design of the vessels is inspired by a simple "egg-like" shape which is a symbol of eternal life. Divided form into 2 separate objects is creating"mobile decoration". The piece can be assembled into many different variations.




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