Milky Way

"Milky Way" Egg Vessels

White on blue

"White on blue" Egg Vessels


"Infinity" Egg Vessels

Black Birds (Gangsta Bird)

"Black Bird/ Gangsta Magpie" Egg Vessels

Gold Birds (Magpie)

"Gold Bird/Magpie" Egg Vessels

White Birds

"White Bird/Magpie" Egg Vessels



"White on Blue" is inspired by traditional “blue on white” porcelain painting, well known in the history of ceramics art. Use of reverse white on blue decoration is playing with the concept of traditional decoration on porcelain and  it´s heritage.

I used expressive brush strokes that can be found for example in Cy-Twombly paintings.

White strokes on cobalt surface are complemented by traditional yet contemporary gold finish.


Porcelain pieces are hand painted in carat gold. Design of the vessels is inspired by simple "egg like" shape which is a symbol of eternal life. Divided form into 2 separate objects is creating"mobile decoration". Piece can be assembled into many different variations.