"Ferrari Red" Egg Vessels

"Ferrari Red/ Royal Green" Egg Vessels

"Ferrari Red/ Royal Green" Egg Vessels

"Royal Green" Egg Vessels

"White on blue" Egg Vessels

"White on blue" Egg Vessels

"White on blue" Egg Vessels

"White on blue/ Ferrari Red" Egg Vessels



The idea of the"Egg Vessels” was to create “Conversation piece” with interactive aspect. Designed with simplicity in mind from porcelain and inspired by the timeless “egg” shape.

In “Egg Vessels” each set has a story to it´s designed decoration: “White on blue” reflects to traditional blue on white painting on porcelain, “Ferrari Red” is inspired by expressive brush strokes of abstract expressionism and history of ́automobile.

“Royal Green” inspired by the interiors of European and Asian royal palaces.


Each Vessel is divided into two separate pieces and iallowing the possibilities of:


”Mobile decoration”: changing the decor by turning bottom or a top part of the object.

”Mix and match”: choosing between different collections and easy assemble of separate pieces.
”Art piece with an use”: the object can be disassembled to a bowl or container.

“Simple design”: compact design ergonomic in transportation, easy access to the inside of the vessel, light self carrying.

“Egg Vessels” are made in four different sizes and consist of ten various collections. Each collection has a story and it is hand painted in gold.

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